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What is visual identity and what is its importance for your company’s strategy

 By: Daniel Farias | Publish in 03/01/2020

Identidade visual

The visual identity is the union of several visual elements that aim to communicate to the public the values, concept and position that the brand occupies in the market.

Having a well-defined visual identity is essential for your brand to be recognized and stand out among so many others. The importance your audience will give to your brand is directly linked to your identity. In other words, no one takes a brand with a bad identity seriously.

Understanding the concept

Think of the letter M in yellow on a red background. Now think of a white apple bitten on a grey background. Surely you’ve found out what brands we’re talking about, because we’re talking about brands that have worked very well on your visual identity.

Visual identity is a set of elements such as logo, typography, color palette and these elements extend to posters, flyers, billboards, social media, website, online store, for example.

Importance for company strategy

No company exists without identity. And the stronger in the head of its target audience, the consumer, the better. By working correctly with your brand identity, it will gradually take up more space in the lives of your audience and in the future, it will become so intimate that in a process of choice, it will be a natural, almost automatic choice.

We buy products by brand. Even if you say “I’m not a consumer and I don’t care about brands” you end up choosing a certain product because of the strength of its presence in the market. Let’s do a test: Which toothpaste do you use? What deodorant? And the shoe? And the cell phone? Now tell me, which of these products you consume has a poorly developed visual identity. Absolutely none.


So we can conclude that the damage your company will suffer from a bad visual identity is immeasurable. Invest in the creation of your logo and all the visual identity of your brand. This is the starting point for your company to stand out in the market.

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