Production of fashion catalogues, layout of books and magazines, folders, posters, flyers, busdoors, billboards and all kinds of internal and external advertising.

Fashion, products and literature

Production of fashion catalogues, book and magazine layout

We work with the production of fashion catalogues, from the concept to its final printing. We have models, photographers and locations for all brand types and sizes.

We also work with product catalogues, books and magazines design. We create attractive layouts, making it easier to read and understand the content.

Produção de catálogos de moda, diagramação de livros e revistas
Desenvolvemos embalagens e rótulos para vários nichos de mercado
Labels and packaging

We develop packaging and labels for various market niches

For the elaboration of the labels and packaging we do a research work where it is taken into consideration, besides the visual identity of the brand, its positioning in the market.

This work requires a lot of legal knowledge, because, in general, all labels and packaging must follow the ANVISA regulatory standards.

Printed in general

Traditional media bring good results

POS materials, pamphlets, billboards, busdoors, are examples of traditional media that attract a good number of customers. Same companies that are 100% online still invest in printed media such as direct mail, banners, folders.

A company with good visual communication combined with good traditional media pieces and good service, turns consumers into loyal customers.

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