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Case Study – Optimization of the website increases the company’s revenue


In October 2019 the company Cabral Containers, which operates in Ceará, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba, Alagoas, Sergipe and Bahia, sought us to solve a major problem on their website: it did not appear in Google searches or other search engines. On the other hand, his competitors appeared in the first places, not to mention the large number of ads sponsored. So, we decided to accept the challenge and put Cabral Containers in the front pages of Google.

Analyzing the company’s website, we saw that the problem was more serious. The website didn’t only need a SEO work, but a general reformulation, because its construction was the main cause of its non-indexing.

So we reconstructed the entire website from the first line of code. And this way, we were able to apply all the necessary techniques so that the website gradually appeared on the first pages of searches.


Cabral Containers Website


With the work completed we went to the tests. We put the website on the air and the next day it appeared on the seventh page of Google. It seems to be far from the competition, but it is already a victory since the website was not indexed. On the third day, Google was already putting the Cabral Containers website on the fifth page. And on the fourth day, it was on page three. In short, a week after we put the website on the air, Cabral Containers was on the first page, below only the sponsored ads.


Resultado da busca Cabral Containers


As a result, the number of new customers, which was previously only possible through referral, has grown considerably in a short time, consequently increasing the company’s turnover. See the result of Cabral Containers on

If your company has a website and needs a SEO job to appear on the front pages of Google, or even a complete redesign, please contact us without obligation. We want to help your company increase its revenue.


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