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Main advantages of investing in an online store

 By: Daniel Farias | Publish in 02/01/2020

principais vantagens de vender pela internet

Becoming a digital entrepreneur is getting faster and easier. If you think it’s risky to invest in an online store, see the main advantages of this business model.


Selling over the Internet opens up countless possibilities for you. They are niche markets and different products that you can offer. From the most conventional such as shoes, bags, watches and accessories, to the most differentiated such as pets and vegan make-up products.

Thus, you will have the autonomy to plan an ideal brand for your audience, but one that is also related to your skills and interests.

Flexible timetables

Going back to school, taking your child to the doctor in the middle of the afternoon or going out a little early to hang out with friends is possible if you decide to sell online!

But let’s be consistent too: when you sell over the Internet, you’ll probably work the same as in a physical business. The big difference is that you’ll be able to manage your store from the best hours to your routine.

However, you will be able to develop your personal plans from a greater flexibility of schedules. Selling over the Internet allows you to take care of your business from anywhere you have a connection.

However, here it is worth pointing out that all this is feasible only with a good dose of organization and planning. Do you want to take a bigger recess? For this, for example, it is necessary to program your online store and count on extra help in your absence to take care of customer service.

MEI labor benefits by selling over the Internet

Another advantage in investing in a virtual store is the possibility of being a MEI – Micro Individual Entrepreneur. By opening a MEI and paying your unified tax guide – which varies from R$ 49.90 to R$ 55.90 – you have access to Social Security rights, such as Health Aid, Maternity Leave and Retirement.

Don’t waste time! Start selling online now!

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