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Dafa – Free Professional WordPress Theme

 By: Daniel Farias | Publish in 09/05/2020

Dafa Tema Wordpress Profissional Grátis

Currently over 35% of the Internet uses WordPress, ranging from personal blogs to major news sites, artists, magazines, games and even government. The WordPress community is the fastest growing and its collaboration with the world’s Internet is undisputed.

In order to give our collaboration to the WordPress community, we at Daniel Farias Agência Digital created DAFA, a Free Professional WordPress theme, gathering essential functions used in the websites today.

Features of the Dafa theme

We propose to create a free professional theme, and as such, we gather functions that we use in almost 100% of the sites built by our company. That’s them:

Many of the features included in the DAFA theme do not require the use of extra plugins, such as menu plugins for mobile devices, slide carousel plugins, icon plugins such as Font Awesome, etc. We will see below each feature in detail.

Responsive theme

The DAFA theme was built using the framework on Bootstrap. This way, its layout is based on the 12 columns, which adapt according to the screen width of the user’s device.

For the main menu, which is at the top of the site, we use the WP Bootstrap Navwalker Class. This class brings all the features of Bootstrap’s responsive menu to WordPress. So your main menu is already responsive natively.

Slide Carousel

As we mentioned earlier, Slide Carrousel is already part of the theme. Just go to the WordPress Control Panel, click on the Banners option and register all the banners you want. And the best, it’s responsive!

6 page models

To make DAFA, the professional WordPress theme free, more versatile, we decided to put 6 options for you to choose when creating your page. The templates are:

Carousel / Stretched – On this page the carousel slide is loaded. The carousel will occupy 100% of the width of the page and all the content will also have its width of 100%. Using the Gutenberg editor, or another of your choice, you have complete freedom to manipulate the area that the content will occupy in this page template.

Carousel / Contida – On this page the carousel slide is also loaded. The carousel will occupy 100% of the page width but the content of the page will occupy the space of the Bootstrap “container” tag, which by default is 1200px.

Page / Stretch – On this page instead of the carousel slide, a banner is loaded at the top with the page title and an image at the bottom. And the total width of the content on the page is 100% of the screen.

Page / Contida – This page is the same as the previous one, however its width is 1200px.

Untitled / Stretched – This page does not load carousel, banner, nor is the title loaded. Here you are free to make your layout. And the total width of the content is 100% of the screen.

Untitled / Contained – As you may have already assumed, this page is the same as the previous one, only with the width of the content 1200px.

Call to action

This section of the site was named Call to action because it was originally created for this function. However, it can be used for several other purposes. In our example, we used the Call to action section to put a map on Google Maps. You can use it for any purpose, remembering that it is a section that is part of the footer, i.e. it will repeat itself throughout the site.

Font Awesome

The Font Awesome is a library of the most diverse icons. Its advantage is that it works as a font, so it accepts all formatting that fonts accept, like size and colors, for example. There are plugins that do exactly the same thing, however, this is another feature that the DAFA theme brings natively.

If you don’t know the Font Awesome library, go to its official website to learn more about how to use it in your projects: fontawesome.com

Footer with 4 columns

Putting 4 columns in the footer is very common, but in free WordPress themes it is not common to find. We believe that it is something really necessary in every site to have a site that, even not being in the main menu, are also important for the site.

These 4 columns are Widgets, meaning you have total freedom to place whatever you want. In our example we put image, text and menus. But you can put recent posts, categories, your own html for example. The possibilities are great. Everything will depend on your creativity.


DAFA, free professional WordPress theme, is in its first version. We intend to improve it constantly. We are now working to put it in the WordPress repository, however you can download it right here. Just leave your email address and you will receive the ZIP file.

Thank you for your interest in using our theme and we are open to criticism, suggestions, anything that can help us improve our theme.
Thanks and see you next time!

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